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200 pages!!

Four new WBK pages have been posted, and that means we've finally reached 200 pages! :D Yay! (That took roughly 2 years to accomplish... *sigh* If we only could have worked on it every day, where would we have been then?) We do have the full story thought out, but it's impossible to say exactly on how many pages this project will land once it's done. Still, we've always suspected we would end up with ~400 pages. That means we're halfway now! ;) But I think/hope we will speed up the production this year.

Anyway, onto the new pages. Click here to read them!

Oh, and if Dores' panel on the last page seems strange or out of place, it really isn't - it's just connected to the upcoming pages that haven't been posted yet, so that's why it might not make much sense. (She's not looking at her friends and going "...?", she's looking at something else.)

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