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"När du ska flytt-taaaa, kan vi göra nytt-taaaaa, vi flyttar hiiit, vi flyttar diiiit"

*drum roll* Our new What Birds Know site is finally done! The new URL is: http://fribergthorelli.karrey.com/wbk so make sure to update your links and bookmarks!

"Fribergthorelli, hm?" you may be thinking now. Yes, we have dropped the whole Hallon Press schtick and we now go by our real names instead. This post would have been more complete had we actually managed to get the main Friberg/Thorelli portal ready by today, but sadly we haven't. It will surely be up soon, though, but in the meantime you can still take a look at the new and improved What Birds Know site at the aforementioned URL.

This also means hallonpress has to go. The new Updates blog can be found here: fribergthorelli. Don't forget to add it to your friends lists since this blog will be updated no more.

Also, we'd like to give a million thanks to the wonderful, generous and all-around awesome Karin Rindevall for hosting us. We're so grateful. ♥

Now come on over to fribergthorelli instead! :)
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